Consultancy and Training

Specializing in Public Safety/ Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, Government and Business.
SMEM NZ provides strategic and tactical counsel and training based on a solid foundation of public safety and emergency management experience.
SMEM NZ provides a portfolio of services, including:
  • Social media strategy development
  • Social media 101
  • Social media training and workshop delivery
  • Reputation management advisor
  • Social media coaching
  • Incident response asset
For more information about services SMEM NZ provides, see Consultancy and Training Services.

“ A quick thinker, flexible, and extremely easy to work with. Caroline Milligan's dedication and positive attitude are great gifts to the SMEM world and we are fortunate to have her as a colleague.”

Marlita Reddy-Hjelmfelt, Team Lead, Pacific Northwest 2 VOST. Primarily associated with a National Incident Management Team to help manage response efforts of large scale natural disasters in the U.S.

“ I've had the distinct pleasure of working with Caroline on a number of projects, all of them focused on disaster planning, preparedness and response. Caroline is, in my mind, one of the sharpest, most forward-thinking people in the world around the issue of how social media is changing how we prepare for and respond to disasters. I consistently learn from the work that she's doing in New Zealand and strive to replicate her successes at my local public health department in the US. ”

James Garrow, Disaster Planner, Crisis and Emergency Risk Communicator, Blogger. City of Philadelphia.

"As emergency management and public safety agencies increasingly look to social media for situational awareness, and as a tool for communicating with the communities we serve, Caroline has led the charge. Her adoption of a multi-platform strategy and usage of virtual operations support teams during times of crisis, have provided numerous case studies which further justify the use of these tools by all public servants. I commend Caroline for her willingness to forge new ground and investigate emerging technology as it arrives."

Alisha Griswold, Emergency Manager, Port of Seattle, Training and Exercise Specialist. Founder and Chair of the Emerging Technology Caucus for the IAEM.